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Thursday, June 14, 2007

kevin taft on calgary-elbow.

Alberta Liberal Leader Kevin Taft with Calgary Elbow MLA-elect Craig Cheffins on Tuesday night.


ken chapman said...

Kevin best not "lean on his Elbow" Bad table manners and dangerous politics.

Anonymous said...

ha. always the clever one, Ken.

say_no_to_kevin_daft said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
daveberta said...

Let's keep the anonymous personal attacks to a minimum of zero here.

Anonymous said...

For the record, the deleted post was not a personal attack.

The now-censored post was about the appropriateness of Dr. Taft's outfit on by-election night. I firmly believe that his clothing was far too casual for the occasion, as the posted video shows.

It's really too bad you are now suppressing freedom of speech on your blog, Dave. It shows how far removed from actual debate your blog now is. If we wanted the Alberta Liberal website, we would just go there instead.

I have no doubt that if it had been a critical remark about the Tory, Alliance or NDP leader's wardrobe you would have let it stand until the end of time.

daveberta said...

"For the record, the deleted post was not a personal attack."

For the record, the post called someone a "slob" for not wearing a suit (which is a dumb comment to begin with).

And I will be coming down harder on the personal attacks in the comment section of this site (I've recieved email complaints from readers about the anonymous attacks).

James L. said...

Sorta funny how the same crowd can call Taft a "slob" one day or an "ivory tower elitist" the next. :)

To throw in my two cents, I would have worn a suit if I were Dr. Taft. Next to Cheffins, it just looks weird. But it's hardly a big deal.

colin said...

I hope more parties start to use online tools like youtube, it helps those of us who don't have time to watch the 6pm news!