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Friday, July 27, 2007

poll results.

In June 2007, I placed a poll on this blog to unscientifically gauge the voting intentions of daveberta readers.

With a total of 500 votes, here are the results...

Question: If a provincial election were held today, which party`s candidate would you vote for?

Alberta Alliance 18%90
Alberta Greens 3%14
Alberta Liberals 32%160
Alberta NDP 31%155
Alberta PC 13%67
Alberta Social Credit 1%5
Other 2%9

I was very interested to see that this blog is quickly becoming a favorite of New Democrats. But considering their 1% and 3% showings of support in the Drumheller-Stettler and Calgary Elbow by-elections I don`t think this is indicative of an orange éruption in the next election.

Also, I`ve put up a new poll for your voting pleasure...

(Also, vote for Harry!)


Bob McInnis said...

You get what you measure!
Latest Ipsos Reid poll

Lib 29
NDP 10

James L. said...

Dippers freeped your poll, unfortunately. Before the Big Orange Crew invaded, the Liberals had roughly 50% in this poll.