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Thursday, July 05, 2007


Bonjour! I just wanted to write a quick message to let everyone know that I`m still alive. I`m enjoying myself in Quebec (I am in Chicoutimi right now and was able to find a computer with les internets).

Since I haven`t been paying much attention to the Alberta scene since I`ve come to Quebec I`m not totally up to speed on the newest news of the day. I was able to do a bit of a blog scan in the past couple minutes, so I would recommend that you check out CalgaryGrit as Dan has had some good posts over the past couple days.

For those of you wondering, the Montreal Jazz Festival was lot of fun. I would recommend it to anyone who just enjoys fun in general.

If I reach another location with access to les internets in the next month I`ll try to post again, but if not, Daveberta will return to regularily scheduled postings in August 2007.

PS: Also, comment dit-ton free fall en francais?


BR said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying Quebec Dave!

Et, au Quebec, "free fall" est prononcee "STE-PHANE DI-ON".

TonyGuitar said...

Ooops! Didn*t expect to see a Ste-Phane pin-prick on a Liberal Blodsite.

True Liberal tolerance.

However Librano$ scams are still fourishing.

Now Judy Sgro*s daughter. Just google *Small Dead Animals*, and;

Yet I am with you on the *GREEN* side of things. AlGore and Mr. *Fruitfly* trying to bring some enviro-awareness to the unthinking masses.

Pollution is the culprit of course, however *Global Warming* [snowing in Brazil today], is a good ploy to get people*s attention.

Personally, I can*t wait for an efficient EV or compressed air automobile. No more $400 a month for dangerous smelly Exxon-Mobile fuel that I pump into my car while staff sit in the store, warm and dry.

Did you know that Paris taxis run on compressed air? Like a steam engine with not heat and no steam. Did you know that Tata Motors India produce the compressed air car for Indians at three to $4000 each?

Did you know that good battery technology exists and Chevron holds the patents? We could have been driving electric cars since 1992 since the GM EV-1. Ever watch *Who killed the Electric car?*

Is it possible that Chevron, Exxon and General Motors have common shareholders? Interesting that Exxon-Mobile produce a special polymer film for modern lightweight Lithium -Poly batteries. The very basic requirement for a firesafe large format power pack for automotive use. = TG