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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

poll change.

Old poll...

Who will be elected as the MP for Edmonton Strathcona in the next Federal Election?
Linda Duncan, NDP - 221 votes (69%)
Rahim Jaffer, Conservative - 57 votes (18%)
Claudette Roy, Liberal - 41 votes (13%)
319 votes total
(They look like the 2006 results from my old polling districtin Garneau)

New poll...
Who will be the next leader of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party?
Craig Chandler
Ray Danyluk
Jim Dinning
Dave Hancock
Ted Morton
Mark Norris
Lyle Oberg
Tom Olsen
Vote early and vote often (and you don't have to adapt to our rules and our voting patterns in this poll).


Anonymous said...

he he, Garneau.

he he, Tom Olsen.

Paul said...

Is it fair to base your decision on who's most likely to the lose them the most votes?