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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

give me a p-a-t-r-o-n-a-g-e!

For those who doubted the existence of the culture of entitlement and partisan patronage present under Alberta's 36-year Tory regime, I present Case #9731.

Edmonton... Edmonton lawyer and community volunteer Douglas Goss has been designated chair of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)’s Board of Governors.
It just so happens that Doug Goss is also the co-chair of the Stelmach Tories' election campaign.

For more information on Tory political patronage in Alberta, click here, here, and here.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the appointment is a coincidence. Did you know that Mrs. Goss was appointed to the Provincial Court by the Conservatives. Ol' Dougie wins the patronage bonanza.

Anonymous said...

Boring! Are we expected to believe that Kevin Taft would appoint say, oh maybe, Brian Mason's friends to positions of power? Hahaha... right.

Yes Tory patronage is over the top. No this won't change until Alberta voters show that they have the ability to make their leaders pay. That hasn't been the case for the last 100 years and it doesn't seem likely to change any time soon.