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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Since I first began blogging in January 2005, all sorts of interesting reactions have found their way into my email inbox. For the most part, the feedback is good (so keep on sending it). Many people disagree with me, which is fine, but the yusually remain civil about it. Even when the negative and mean-spirited stuff makes it into my email inbox I usually ignore it.

But last night I feel that someone out there crossed a line, and now I will share it with the world.

After going through the trouble of finding my facebook profile (which I feel might be somewhere on the other side of the line), this person sent me what can only be described as a less than coherent message. The message was from Mr. Brad Janzer, who, according to his facebook profile is a single male conservative Christian from Medicine Hat interested in women.

Here is Brad's contribution to Alberta's great political debate that found its way into my facebook inbox last night:

you guys are a bunch of whiny babies, get a real job and pay some taxes instead of just whining about not gettin your fair share of what other albertans have worked so hard for.
get a life you fuking loser
Putting the spirit of the message aside, I really worry about the state of political debate in Alberta when a person can't even spell the *f* word right...


Anonymous said...

You consider that over the line? Suck it up, whiney baby.

Anonymous said...

Its sad that uneducated people in this province have to send such low-quality emails. Notwithstanding, its called democracy - although we can be forgiven as we haven't seen that here in Alberta for 36 years (unless you count the PC leadership contest). Anyways, those of us who don't think we are represented by this government (and haven't been for decades) may think differently then others.

Apparently Mr. Brad Janzer does not appreciate ones ability to freely express their opinions among other things.

No wonder he's of the "conservative" mentality.

Lastly, just for arguments sake... Myself and many others who are not Tories work very, very hard in this province. We pay our share of taxes, and we educate ourselves on the topic at hand. Something that this gentleman does not know the meaning of.


BR said...

10 bucks says he's on the founding petition for the Wildrose Party.

Anonymous said...

conservative Christian? perhaps his way of "not" swearing?

wilson said...

crossed the line?

Read any of Ti-Guy's comments over at Red Tory's ???

Ti-Guy makes your troll look like the Tooth Fairy !

Anonymous said...

As far as trolling goes, that's pretty mild. I've seen some pretty ridiculous things and Slate has this funny little thing on Fraywatch about the vitriol some posters spew on internet forums and blogs.

Also--it's quite fashionable to troll people who both have jobs and can think. You're no typewriter monkey!

I wouldn't take it too personally. It happens.

daveberta said...

Crossed-the-line as in actually took the time to track down my facebook profile. You'd think that someone who would go through that much trouble to send me a message would also use spellcheck.

Bill Given said...

Think of it this way Dave... when you get random wingnuts looking you up just to spew off it must mean your work reaches a lot of people. You've hit the big time! (Although you already were, and shall remain, big time in my book ; )

Anonymous said...

Fran from Medicine Hat comments - Brad Janzer has a few problems (& way too much time on his hands), don't take it personally, Dave. Brad (if it's the same young man I'm thinking he is) may have been influenced by a neo-Conservative movement down here, spearheaded by an ex-alderman who has used her "Catholic" connections to promote a group called CAPCS (Citizens of Alberta for Positive Community Standards) . They supported Stockwell Day in the Reform Party and were quite upset with Monte Solberg (our local MP) when he left the Reform Party for a short time in protest over Day's Leadership. Everything is quite simplistic to them, for while they often call for the government to control and legislate against pornography, sexy calendars (I'm not exaggerating on this) and were actually successful in forcing any new legal businesses catering to adult entertainment/materials out to our Light Industrial Area - they also adhere to strictly neo-Con worship of the market place, i.e. small government and less taxation, anti-social safety net etc.. Sad really - and I hope a dwindling minority in our SE Alberta community.

Nastyboy said...

As a male conservative from Alberta who is also interested in women, just let me say that young Brad is a twat, who needs to find himself a girlfriend.

Brad's gift subscription to "Internet Toughguy Magazine" is in the mail. But I hear the Postie is too scared of Brad to deliver it.

Keep up the good work daveberta.