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Monday, January 21, 2008

candidate nomination updates.

I've updated the list of nominated Alberta provincial election candidates. Candidate updates include:

Alberta Liberals:
Patricia Robertson in Banff-Cochrane
Herb Coburn in Foothills-Rockyview
Augustine Ebinu in Grande Prairie-Wapiti
Bal Boora in Lethbridge-West.

Alberta Greens:
Kevin Mahoney in Calgary-North Hill
George Read in Calgary-North West
Sean Maw in Calgary-Varsity
Cameron Wakefield in Edmonton-Riverview
Valerie Kennedy in Edmonton-Whitemud
Stephen Lindop in Leduc-Beaumont-Devon


Anonymous said...

Seems safe to say there's no future MLAs amongst that list.

No offense to any of those fine folks who have chosen to offer themselves up as candidates, it's just the wrong parties in the wrong ridings at the wrong time.

Jim said...

Lethbridge-West is winnable if Boora runs a strong campaign.

Anonymous said...

Hello Daveberta,
Couldn't find an email address on your blog, so hope this note reaches you. Nice spot on Search Engine last week.
Wondering if someone will film Ignatief's lecture at U of A on Friday? maybe post it on youtube? Would appreciate hearing it.

Anonymous said...


Not sure how to interpret your comments. Are you feeling defeated by the Tory juggernaut, are you gloating about an anticipated Tory victory, or are you just a pessimist? I don't share your assessment of the possible outcome of the election this time around.

I don't carry any party card, and the Libs wouldn't necessarily be my party of choice, but I'm sick of the arrogance and duplicity of the Tired Tories. It's time for change on so many levels. Is Kevin Taft Premier material? Compared to Peter Lougheed, maybe not. Compared to Ed Stelmach, Kevin looks like a genius and a visionary.


Anonymous said...

Fran in Medicine Hat comments: I am really watching the PC Nomination in Brooks-Strathmore to fill Lyle Oberg's Nomination spot. Don Weisbeck, past mayor of Brooks, and one-time "founding Communications Director of the Wildorse Party" (his name appeared for only a short while on their website and then disappeared) is seeking the Nomination against Arno Doerksen, Gem area cattleman and Mara Nesbitt. The latter was (is?) a close friend of Lyle's having worked in his medical office many years ago, acted as Lyle's (& I think Monte Solberg's) local MP) campaign chairmen as well as having a few appointed positions w/the PC government. Mara would have access to pretty good organizing lists, and she is married to the brother of the Brooks Bulletin Editor. Will be an interesting Nomination race on Jan 24th. In the off-chance that Don Weisbeck is not successful - he may run for the new Wildrose-Alliance and split that right-wing vote in the Constituency.

Claire, Fredrick or Tiffany said...

Great blog I look forward to follow trough on how this evolves :) Great meeting last night aswell!

// Fredrick