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Monday, February 18, 2008

rave reviews at has a great review of Ed Stelmach's new film...

The Bucket List (2008)

Consensus:“Plan 9 from outer space”…minus the plan!
Rated: R for Ridiculous
Runtime: 37 Years
Theatrical Release: Aug 30th , 1971
Box Office: $940 a second

Synopsis: In this sequel to the 1971 flop, “Harry Strom”, Ed Stelmach captures the Tory leadership on what his future press secretary calls a “just say no to Calgary” platform and sets out to run one of the least inspiring, most accident prone campaigns in Alberta history. This big budget production is full of plot holes in everything from his health care to daycare announcements.

Genre: Would be a comedy ... if it wasn't so sad.
Starring: Ed Stelmach
Director: No director. That's the problem.


Anonymous said...

Hey Daveberta, here's another humorous look at a party leader!

jonathan said...

Now that was funny. I'd like to buy a coffee for whoever put that site together.

jonathan said...

Anonymous: I thought that was supposed to be funny.