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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the result of an underfunded education system.

"Statistics," one long-time Tory told me a few days ago, "are for losers."


Anonymous said...

I love gracious winners.

Anonymous said...

This can't be the same Graham Thompson who was so anti-PC that he embarassed himself?

No Tories even talk to him. Grahams articles are a joke these days. You might as well quote from a bathroom stall.


trent said...

I bet anonymous is the "Tory insider" who skipped math class in Grade 10.

Why should someone be embarrassed by not writing gushingly over-positive articles in favour of the governing party like Neil Waugh and Lorne Gunter?

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Graham Thomson is lambasted for being "anti-PC" as if being critical of the government is a bad thing. Thomson is just as critical of the Liberals and NDP.