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Friday, April 25, 2008

greenpeace drops in on ed stelmach.

God bless, YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you can really hear the "murmur of the crowd" that so many people claim happened...too funny.

tdwebste said...

Only followed by

Stephen Harper the Prime Minister Oil money could buy.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Dinner and sat fairly close to the stage.Everyone saw that banner.I believe Ed saw the banner and is a liar.Maybe this is why his speech was so broken up/uninspiring

Anonymous said...

I don't think the banner was what made the speech so uninspiring, it was ed as usual. But god bless, democracy in action, this is what happens when people are pushed to the fringe and are excluded from traditional politics.

Anonymous said...

Turns out one of the rapellers is a paid staffer for NDP MLA Rachel Notley....that's humorous that now the NDP and Greenpeace are tied together.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Ed's really struggling. The PC's sold over 1,600 tickets for the Edmonton dinner, and that dinner was only slightly upstaged by Calgary. They should have charged for three more tickets (Hudema and his co-conspirators).

Meanwhile, NDP staffers see fit to do double duty for Greenpeace (check today's Edm Journal online).

"...this is what happens when people are pushed to the fringe and are excluded from traditional politics."

Excluded? How? Anyone can start a political party, provided they have a few like-minded people. You don't see unhappy WildRosers scaling scaffolding to hang an expensive, commercially-printed banner at a private function. No matter what your environmental allegiances, Greenpeace is a well-funded private corporation at its heart.

Same tired old refrain. Ed is uninspiring, and the (stupid) public just votes PC out of tradition. Run with that again next election... it worked so well last time.