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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

let's talk about the west edmonton lrt.


A study has been completed to plan the extension of the LRT from Lewis Estates (87 Avenue and 199 Street) to the University of Alberta. As part of the study, open houses will be held to share information and details about the project and the study before it is presented to City Council.

(h/t to the always great Councillor Don Iveson's office for passing this along)


Brian Gould said...

I guess it's not that surprising that we both first heard about it through Iveson's office. Of course, it's also incredibly frustrating, what with this one less than a week away.

At the risk of repeating myself, ads on transit vehicles please!

Anonymous said...

So which route(s) are being explained to the public?

Is Mayor Mandel still protecting his rich friends and neighbors by fighting against the logical route on 87th Ave?

Never mind that that route is quicker and will have a much higher ridership, Mr. Mandel needs to keep his friends homes in tact.

We need a different mayor in 2010 something fierce. Think Iveson would run? Somebody decent needs to.