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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

who's running the misinformation campaign?

As Alberta's Tory Government unleashes its $25 million tar sands re-branding campaign, it looks like Premier Ed Stelmach and Energy Minister Mel Knight may be reading from different talking points...

Dr. Swann: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Will this minister and this Premier stand up and eliminate this $ 25 million propaganda campaign, redirecting the money to real change in Alberta?

Mr. Stelmach: No, we’re not going to do that. In fact, we do have a matter to deal with to make sure that all – all – people, those that invest in Alberta, those people that want to make Alberta their home, get the correct information. I can tell you that I’m not going to rely on that group or Greenpeace or Sierra Club to spread the misinformation not only in this province and this country but around the world.

And speaking of misinformation...
Mr. Knight: Mr. Speaker, thank you very much for affording me the opportunity here this afternoon to clarify a statement that I made in this Assembly on Thursday last. The statement was regarding nuclear energy and the Sierra Club. I have since learned it was incorrect. As soon as I learned that the statement was incorrect, I called the director of the Sierra Club and expressed regret for the error and assured her that it was not done with intent. Today I just want to take the opportunity to correct the record in the Assembly as well. I understand that the Sierra Club does not operate in Europe and does not support nuclear energy. My statement that this organization took out ads in Europe was, in fact, wrong.*


Anonymous said...

I love cheap politics like this!

The life of an opposition hack:

Day 1: The Minister should do the honourable thing and apologize for his incorrect statement.

Day 2: Despite the fact that the Minister did the honourable thing I am going to utilize his apology to try to embarass him further!

Day 3: Who needs the high road anyways? Let's make non-sensical claims and call them facts!

and repeat.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, Knight seems to be the only one making non-sensical claims.

I haven't heard the Sierra Club accusing Knight of being anti-nuclear.