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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

addicted to american politics.

As an open political addict, it's been hard not to pay attention to the politics and elections gearing up south of the 49th parallel. To get my fix, I usually check out one of my favorite American politics/elections blogs - Swing State Project.

My American politics addiction began in a two-fold manner...

The first was because of the White House of President Josiah Bartlett in The West Wing. I originally watched the first four seasons as they ran on NBC and later finished off Seasons 5-7 after making the wise investment of buying the West Wing Box Set in 2006 (a great investment).

The second was in the Fall of 2006 while I was enrolled in Dr. Greg Anderson's American Politics course at the University of Alberta. The main assignment for the course was to research and write a profile/report on one of the election races that were held during the November 2006 U.S. Mid-term elections. I profiled the Missouri Senate race which saw Democrat Claire McCaskill defeat incumbent Republican Senator Jim Talent (it was a lot of fun to watch McCaskill come from behind and knock off Talent on election night).

Also, my friend James L. is a Senior Editor on the Swing State Project and gives some great daily updates on polls, races, etc.

UPDATE: Senator Hillary Clinton may be top dog in the Kentucky Democratic Primary, but Barack Obama beats Clinton and John McCain in Canada... even in Alberta and the West:

Even in the province where Mr. Obama was least popular — Alberta — respondents favoured him by a 28-point margin over McCain. Fifty-one per cent of respondents there supported Mr. Obama, and 23 per cent preferred McCain.

Mr. Obama was most popular in Quebec where 61 per cent of respondents favoured him, and was almost equally popular in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.


Enlightened Savage said...

Damn you, Dave... that's the third glowing endorsement of the West Wing box-set I've gotten from poli-philes. Now I *have* to buy it.

There goes $300 hard-earned dollars...


daveberta said...

Best $300 investment ever.

(besides the not being able to afford to eat for a month after that...)

rj said...

I am not that surprised that Obama beats McCain and Clinton in Canadian polls. It's my experience that Canadians and Albertans often forget how moderate our brand of conservatism is up north. Can you imagine what would happen if a Canadian politician began speaking in tongues during a campaign event? Happened in Kansas.

Alberta voters are probably closer to moderate blue/red state voters than real red state voters like Oklahoma or Nebraska.

Plus, Obama is a boat load more exciting than any politician in Canada.

Jeff J. said...

I think it's the excitement factor that has everyone so favourable of Obama, i would still bet on McCain over Obama in an actual election in Alberta, especially after the recent provincial election, people prefer substance to smoke and mirrors, and while i admit Obama is a great Orator, i would tend to prefer the leadership of someone as loyal and honourable as McCain anyday. And i'd take that campaign in a heartbeat.

How do you attack the integrity of someone who willingly stayed behind as a POW so as not to desert his friends and comrades?

James L. said...

Ridiculous, Jeff J.

Voters in Alberta would never support a radical conservative like McCain who doesn't support public health care and who would continue the war in Iraq indefinitely.