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Monday, May 26, 2008

insightful commentary from climenhaga.

Just in case you missed it, David Climenhaga had a pretty insightful column in last week's Saint City News (from St. Albert) on the new super mega health board centralization that went on last week across Alberta. You can read the column on his blog.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave for reminding me why I don't read Climenhaga. His simplistic formulas and narrow definitions only serve to confirm that he is stuck in a previous century.

Anonymous said...

Well I read Climenhaga's article and frankly the ideas contained seemed common sense to me. I never read Climenhaga before but now I will thanks to the above comment. Redesigning health care on solely a business model is even more simplistic than broad based collaboration Climenhaga is talking about.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, yes. Climenhaga is already helping to make sure he loses the next election by writing these bitter colums about what St.Albert Council is doing wrong, and what he would have done if he had been voted in!