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Monday, May 19, 2008

social networking map of le monde.

I thought this was pretty neat.

(From Le Monde via Azeem Azar on twitter, via Tim O'Reilly's blog and found on BoingBoing)


Anonymous said...

Looks like Facebook is winning in Canada, but MySpace is ahead in the US. Why someone would use myspace for something other than music posting is beyond me. Facebook is by far the superior social network.

I looks big in India and Brazil but I've never heard of Orkut.

rj said...

woah. web 2.0

Anonymous said...

Any idea what the Canada breakdown is?

rj said...

Here is a look at a USA socialnetworking breakdown.

Google didn't project any Canadian results that I could find.

Anonymous said...

As someone who is completely addicted to facebook, I'm surprised that myspace is more popular in the US. Even in Australia I've found more people ask about facebook over myspace.