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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

what good political commentary looks like.

Calgary Sun columnist Rick Bell shows-off his superior skills as a political writer in this debate with veteran reporter Mike McCourt on CityTV Calgary:

Watch out Craig Oliver and Mike Duffy! Rick Bell is gunning for your jobs!

UPDATE: Someone with far superior political observation skills than I suggested that you take the following into consideration as you watch this video:
1. Rick Bell's superior use of "air quotes" every "two seconds"

2. Rick Bell quoting some guy who was pr obably drunk and pissed off on election night as representative of the Alberta Liberal Party.

3. Rick Bell claiming he was "proven right" when he was equally critical of Stelmach. It's easy to be "proven right" when you make every prediction possible.


Duncan said...

That sir, is indeed fantastic commentary. Thanks for posting something that without you I would never have seen. "Unwashed, which is never a good thing."

Herbert B. Patrotage said...

McCourt has it figured out.

Raymaker said...

Rick Bell should be hanging upside down in a Coke machine. He's that frickin' crazy.

MJ said...


Oh wait, some people actually take this moran seriously. That's far more depressing than funny.

Anonymous said...

and Daveberta declares war on bad columnists. Go Dave!

Unwashed... said...

He's right, love him or hate him. I don't think that the Liberal (or any collaboration party) has a chance until they stop insulting Albertans and start trying to figure out how to be relevant to them.

I think the reason people don't vote for them is because they are not in touch with them. It's like they enojy they're own little party of people, who hate everyone else, think we are all stupid, and then cry when they realize that their own little group isn't enough to get them elected.

Now thats crazy.

Nastyboy said...

Bell is right about one thing. The Liberal campaign was horrible. They got their asses kicked, and almost every Lib I knew first reaction was "Albertans are just stupid!"

Sounds pretty elitist to me.

Not to say that the PC's are out for the common man. They're not.

Taft may want to try to at least pretend he likes living here. That would be a start.

rj said...

The sad part is that he's probably one of the most popular columnists in Calgary