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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

barack obama is a rock star.

In case you missed it, Barack Obama's speech to his supporters in St. Paul, Minnesota last night was incredible. Attracting over 32,000 people to the rally, the presumptive Democratic nominee for President of the United States is an amazing orator and gives the feel of a rock star rather than just a typical political candidate.


Marnie Tunay said...

Yeah, but talk about living 'the country mouse and the city mouse' fable: Obama's party will force him to harness himself with Clinton; and if he wins, he's stuck with the Clintons scheming to do him in for the next four years, eight if he's "lucky." Imagine having to make nice with and eat dinner on a regular basis with your worst enemy for four, possibly eight years. Glad I'm not political.
Marnie Tunay

Anonymous said...

It's sad that people have equated this "rockstar" appeal to competence for the job.

Nastyboy said...

He's all sizzle no steak. He's good at delivering a speech but a poor debater and that's where most Americans who vote make up their minds.

It will be an interesting campaign.

James L. said...

His speech was a joy to watch. He tore McCain apart (and hit all the right notes).

You'd never see a corpsicle like John Kerry deliver a speech like that.

I almost find the term "rock star" to be a disservice to Obama. No, he's the slayer of the GOP.