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Thursday, June 26, 2008

explore alberta: your carbon-based vacation destination.

Planning your summer vacation?

Experience a carbon-based energy vacation with an Oil Sands vacation.


Anonymous said...

What an absolutely ridiculous exaggeration.

With citizens like you promoting this trash, who needs foreign enemies.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I visited Fort McMurray last summer and were blown away by that little corner of Toronto suburbia plopped down in the middle of the wilderness. If anything, the video understates the scale of the oil sands developments. I highly recommend a visit to get a feel for this issue. Fort McMurray Tourism will sign you up for a company tour of the projects if you call them a few days ahead. You'll have trouble finding somewhere to stay while there but it's okay to sleep in your car at Walmart.

Anonymous said...

Why would you post such a thing mocking your own province? Sure there are challenges with the Oil Sands, but to purposefully try to damage your provinces image like that is truly shocking.
Is this the type of pride Liberals have in their province? Shame!

Jeff J. said...

It was kind of amusing, you gotta admire the creativity. Humour is meant to distort facts and exaggerate information, and that is all this is, humour.

Politics is the art of pretending to have an informed opinion on a subject we know nothing about.

If anything, this just goes to further show the lunacy of the environmentalist cause. it's nothing to get upset about. In school the class clowns always got the attention, but come graduation time they were never to be found, the lesson is it's one thing to seek attention, it's another to seek knowledge.

one alberta voter said...

Anonymous, I have to question your notion of pride. I am a native Albertan and Calgarian, and very proud of the fact. That does not preclude me from holding the opinion that Alberta is rushing to make money out of the tarsands, and other natural resources our geography and geology have favoured us with, at an excessive environmental and social cost. The fact that others outside the province see this and manage to present it in a provocative way, does not diminish the validity of this perspective.

This is not a "Albertans vs. outisiders" situation. It is very much adebate among Alberta's citizens, and legitimately among others worldwide, as to whether Alberta is proceeding down a healthy path. I am one Albertan who thinks otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, nuclear cooling towers. An image of a hotel that's actually in Dubai:

I wonder what else might be misrepresented in the video?