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Thursday, July 17, 2008

outside the 10-second box.

Here's a link to my column in this week's SEE Magazine.


tjk said...

It was his dismissive and offensive attitude to those he did not feel immediately comfortable with that did him in.

I've dealt with that first hand. You don't walk into a room of open people wanting to hear from you and offend more than half of them within the first five minutes by calling them "obviously not highly educated".

Mr. Taft never understood the concept of a two-way conversation. Nor could he answer why he stood where he did on things like Nuclear Power.

My encounters with him were very disappointing, and downright offensive at times. But at least he didn't plant a spike heel in my foot by accident and then walk away like nothing happened with no apology, unlike one Liberal leader. I think you can figure out who SHE was.

Anonymous said...

tjk - you are a Conservative and would probably think that about any Liberal leader. I am not a Liberal (nonpartisan) and has some extremely positive experiences and two-way conversations with Kevin Taft.

Funny that you're limited experiences with Taft give you the same limited impressions that Dave wrote about in his article.

- Christine J.