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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

federal candidate update.

With talk of an impending federal election grabbing the attention of the nation (or not...), I've updated the list of nominated federal election candidates in Alberta.

Calgary-Northeast NDP candidate Vinay Dey is the newest candidate on the list. Dey will face off against Tory Devinder Shory and Liberal Sanam Kang.

In 2004, Dey ran for the federal NDP in Calgary-Nose Hill against Tory MP Diane Ablonczy. On the provincial level, Dey ran in the 1989, 1993, and 2004 provincial elections. In 1989, Dey challenged then-Calgary-Egmont Tory MLA David Carter, in 1993 he ran against Calgary-Cross Tory Yvonne Fritz, and in 2004 he challenged Calgary-Fort Tory MLA Wayne Cao.

(h/t Pundits' Guide)


Anonymous said...

Conservative hold. Big hold.

Do the NDP have any big candidates in Calgary other than also-rans? What happened to Liberal Dobie To?

Anonymous said...

The Harper Conservatives will win each and every seat in Alberta. The Greens will do well in Calgary and rural Alberta. The Liberals will do respectable in Edm Centre and the Dippers will place strong in Edm East and Edm Strathcona.

Anonymous said...

Which non-Tory candidate has the best chance of being elected in Calgary North-east? Might help to concentrate votes to indicate that we want attention here (win or lose).