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Monday, August 25, 2008

pulling the pmo out of by-election discretion.

Ned Franks' op-ed in today's Globe & Mail caught my eye:

There is no good justification for the Canadian practice of giving discretion to the prime minister in setting the time of by-elections, and for the long delays between vacancy and by-election. Neither practice serves parliamentary democracy and the constitutional right of Canadians to be represented in Parliament.


proud AB Tory said...

more WHINING from liberal LOSERS.

u wouldnt see this post from party hack dave cournoyain't if stephane dion't was in the white house.

proud AB Tory said...

oops i meant 24 essex drive

Anonymous said...

It's 24 SUSSEX Drive.

daveberta said...

I'm a Stephane Dion supporter?

Anonymous said...

The election might cancel out the byelections. Franks is right Canada should look to Australia and the UK for these kind of mechanisms. The PMO should not have this kind of control.