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Saturday, August 30, 2008

the suave councillor from ward 5.

Avenue Magazine has a great piece in this month's edition on Edmonton City Councillor Don Iveson.

Lisa Gregoire wrote the article after following Iveson around Edmonton in the months following his high profile victory over incumbent Councillor Mike Nickel in the October 2007 municipal election that brought him to City Hall.

Iveson, a strong advocate for public transit and smart growth initiatives, was voted most effective City Councillor in SEE Magazine's 2008 Best of Edmonton and has been credited by Edmonton Journal columnist Scott McKeen as being the coolest head on City Council.


Anonymous said...

Rad article. Iveson's passion for civics is something that is not found on city council often enough.

Anonymous said...

Don's great, and the article is OK, but I detest Avenue magazine. If there's every been a lame attempt to imitate the inane, overly glossy "lifestyle" magazines of Toronto and Vancouver (which in turn are rip-offs of LA and NY rags), Avenue is it. It doesn't work, and it just comes off as pathetic. Hint to Avenue: "sophisticated" doesn't equal "attends yuppie schmoozefests whilst showing off expensive watches, all the while pretending to be aloof about showing off said expensive watches."

And that concludes my rant about Avenue. Go Don.