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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

bob rae's guide to plagiarism.

Though I thought it was a little bizarre for Bob Rae to attack Stephen Harper over a speech that he delivered five years ago, I'm not convinced that it will actually accomplish much more for the Liberals than simply distracting the media from the Conservatives messaging for a single day.

It did, however, remind me of an article I recently read about the long-forgotten Joe Biden plagiarism fiasco of 1988. Maybe Sarah Palin will bring it up during Thursday night's Vice-Presidential debate?


Kyle G. Olsen said...

Throwing them off for a day is great! Even better if they play part of the speech on the evening news or canada am tomorrow, to remind everyone how he supported the Iraq war.

Going from bad messaging, and annoying Harper (he has been said to flip out in private) is great to get him on edge just before the debates.

janfromthebruce said...

I'm with you Dave. But libs want to be careful here, as it also shines a light in other places.

It's a useful reminder that a Harper government would have committed massive troop support to the Iraq war instead of the naval support the Liberals quietly sent (while pretending to stay out of the war).

Marnie Tunay said...

Jonathan Kay has posted some great comments by Steve Janke regarding a previous act of plagiarism done by Dion himself. Best to read it on Jonathan's site - I tried to find the post on Janke's site and was unable to locate it through all the clutter. The URL to Jonathan's posting of the comments is:
Marnie Tunay

Anonymous said...

Too bad we'll all be too busy watching the Canadian debates to see how Palin does.