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Saturday, September 27, 2008

culture en péril.

This video is making the rounds in reaction to the short-sighted Conservative Party attitude to arts and culture funding in Canada.


Beijing York said...

Here is a link to the longer version that not only attacks Harper's stance on arts and culture but takes swipes at the Conservative attitude towards the US, reproductive rights, the environment, etc.

Brian LaBelle said...

"… a bunch of people at a rich gala... all subsidized by the taxpayers -- claiming their subsidies aren't high enough..."

That's actually funny because I can just picture Mr. Harper saying that at a $5000 per plate fundraising dinner hosted by his friends in the oil and gas industry, can't you?

And didn't Premier Stelmach just raise his own subsidy by 34% behind closed doors under the guise that he talked to "good" people and they said they would not enter politics and contribute to society unless they were paid 5 times more than child and youth care workers to do so?

I often wonder what color the sky is in Stephen Harper's world...

Anonymous said...

To Brian Labelle: Shouldn't you be out doorknocking rather than wasting time on political blogs? You are the federal NDP candidate for Sherwood Park after all.

Funny that your own blog is empty. Is it new or did you have to erase some questionable posts now that you're running for public office? Should be easy enough to find out with some internet way-back machines. I'll just google Labelle & Ed Stelmach and see what comes up.

You would do well to learn what venue your aspiring to. Your comment takes a pointless jibe at a provincial politician in the midst of a federal campaign. There are much better ways to attack Stephen Harper, he hasn't made it tough.

KNW said...

I'd have got a good laugh out of this video, if I didn't think it was completely accurate. It's nice to know that Mr Harper's idea of culture stops at 'Dogs Playing Poker'

Libarbarian said...

Indeed an excellent critique. One thing doesn't ring true for me however. Most of the federal culturecrats I encounter (Canada Council, National Library, Heritage...) are Francophones, so the difficulty the folks in the video have with the French language is amusing but off-target.