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Saturday, September 20, 2008

peter goldring's misuse of taxpayers dollars?

I'm glad to see that the mainstream media has picked up this story. Still no peep from the suspiciously-silent Canadian Taxpayers Federation on this issue...

Timing of Goldring's newsletter criticized
Incumbent defends mailouts, but opposition furious about 'abuse' of funds
Darcy Henton
Saturday, September 20, 2008

EDMONTON - Edmonton East Conservative incumbent MP Peter Goldring says it's not his fault that his constituency newsletters are arriving in riding mailboxes during a federal election campaign.


Anonymous said...

What do you think of the NDP Caption Challenge ( I like this one:

Scott Hennig said...

Do your research before you throw mud.

As explained in the comments of the THIS Magazine piece, the one from Toronto was the first one we were made aware of. Once we discovered there were dozens more, we asked Elections Canada to review all MPs who have done this.

Our 2nd and last letter can be found here:

It has been up on our website for a week.

daveberta said...

Scott - get serious. The CTF can practically will media coverage on any issue.

Taxpayers' money doesn't deserve to be treated in this way by anybody.

At best you were asleep at the switch, at worst, you don't care.

Scott Hennig said...

We agree this is a waste, and that is why we have sent two letters to Elections Canada on this issue.

And FYI, I was on CBC radio last week in Calgary slamming this practice by Calgary MPs.

We've been commenting on this story whenever we are called by the media. Darcy Henton didn't call us to comment on the Goldring story.

So, I'm not sure how you would ever be able to suggest we "were asleep at the switch."

Just admit you were wrong, and let's move on.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Dave here, the CTF have had their pants pulled down on this issue, and their Tory blue underwear are showing.

I registered a complaint over similar pre-election mailouts by my MP just before the writ was dropped. After receiving one-a-day for a whole week I then received three different "issues sheets" on one single day!

This waste of taxpayer dollars has got to stop. I'm glad that if the CTF are not up to the task, at least Daveberta is.

daveberta said...

I won't admit that I'm wrong, considering that an Edmonton area media release from the CTF wouldn't be totally out of line.

You've admitted that you knew this practice was widespread but you took no action to protect Edmonton's taxpayers.

Scott Hennig said...

So, sending a letter asking Elections Canada to investigate all MPs who sent out mailouts during the writ period is "taking no action?"

And, being interviewed by CBC radio slaming Calgary MPs who sent out mailouts is "taking no action?"

Uh, ok Dave. Whatever you say.

Anonymous said...

Heck my MP Rhona Ambrose sent out a total of 10 campaign style mail outs in the two months prior to the election being called and told our local paper that she had no idea if an election was coming or not.

I voted Conservative in the last federal election, but with this abuse of my money I think I will think twice this time around or not vote at all as the election in my area is already predictable.

Anonymous said...

What a scam.