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Saturday, September 13, 2008

so much for canadians being nice.

Slate Magazine has an interesting take on our election from south of the border.


Anonymous said...

If by "interesting" you mean "idiotic" and "blatantly partisan."

Gauntlet said...

From the bottom of the article:

Christopher Flavelle is a contributing writer for The Big Money, Slate's business site, which will launch later this month. He was previously a speechwriter for Stéphane Dion, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

So I don't know how "south of the border" that really is.

daveberta said...

okay, well... it may not have been from as south of the border as I first thought, that doesn't mean it wasn't an interesting piece.

Anonymous said...

It was interesting, but a little light on details almost so much to be misleading.

I mean sure, the Liberal party endorsed Kyoto, then did nothing...