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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

what does post-solberg medicine hat look like? (spoiler: probably really blue).

Two candidates have stepped forward to replace Medicine Hat Conservative MP Monte Solberg. Riding association President LaVar Payne and businessman Dean Shock have both declared their intentions to contest the nomination. Former Medicine Hat Alderman Darren Hirsch and current Alderman Jeremy Thompson are said to be interested in the nomination, but have not yet declared their intentions. The Conservative nomination meeting will be held on September 13.

Solberg was first elected as Medicine Hat's MP while carrying the Reform Party flag in the 1993 Federal Election and most recently served as Minister of Human Resources and Social Development. In 2006, Solberg was re-elected with 79.7% of the popular vote.

The nominated Conservative candidate will face Liberal Beverly Botter and New Democrat Wally Regeher.


Anonymous said...

Dean Shock was a Ted Morton organizer in the 2006 PC leadership race.

Anonymous said...

Fran from Medicome Hat: Dean Shock has to win the prize for most "naive" Nomination Candidate to replace Solberg for the Conservatives here in the Hat. Earlier this week he commented in the paper that his motivation to seek public office stemmed, in part, from his admiration of the well-known US Doctor "Patch" Adams, whom Dean had helped come to Medicine Hat recently through the Rotary Club. When I responded on the Medicine Hat News Blog that:his comments about "Patch" Adams inspiring him on health care was curious; considering the fact that when Dr. Adams was asked about what he thought of the proposals to privatize health care in Canada, he reportedly showed his contempt of the idea by spitting a mouthful of water all over the stage (he is a clown of course). Furthermore, Harper as head of the National Citizens Coalition fought stridently for the end to universal Health Care in Canada. Then I asked Dean the simple question- let us know who you agree with - "Patch" or Harpo? Dean Shock's reply was priceless "I don't necessarily agree with Patch on all his statements but on Privatization I agree with Patch...The reason for running is because "I care about people!", so that would mean I would not agree with privatization. I hope to sway Stephen Harper! " Besides the obvious - that Dean is probably seeking the nomination for the WRONG PARTY - his naive belief that ANYONE can sway Steven Harper, especially on this core "ideological issue" was astounding!