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Friday, October 10, 2008

conservative reaction to dion's atv interview.

I've never been a big Stéphane Dion fan, but I agree with Don Martin on this one. Dion's recent interview on CTV Halifax may have been bizarre and awkward, but Martin's thoughts on the Conservative reaction to the interview proved to be a more insightful than anything found in the video of the interview:

It was an undoubtedly awkward encounter and hard not to shake your head in amazement as Mr. Murphy incredulously tried to explain himself to a baffled Dion, who finally turned in exasperation to someone off camera for clarification.

But spare some empathy for Mr. Dion. It’s the end of a grueling campaign, the man has admitted to a hearing impairment and the question was open to interpretation while being phrased in Mr. Dion’s second language.

The bigger question is how the Conservative response fits with Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s efforts to tame his hard-nosed cold-hearted image with sweaters and baby hugs.

To use his first spontaneous media appearance of the campaign to declare Mr. Dion the most unworthy of the two candidates for prime minister based on a minute of misunderstanding is not the most flattering reaction for the prime minister.

In the end the incident they hoped to use to define Mr. Dion as a confused ditherer may actually provide more telling insight into the character of Stephen Harper.
(h/t Andrew Potter & Dawg's Blawg)


Mowich said...

Get real guy. It was a simple question put to him THREE TIMES, in an a quiet atomosphere. If he can't hear properly, why doesn't he have hearing aids?????

Are the voters of Canada to believe that he can actually appear on the world stage with this inability to understand simple English. I don't think so. Personally, I want a man who understands questions the first time around. Imagine, if you will for a moment, that this had happened when he was addressing the G7 or the UN or any other number of world bodies. Just how forgiving do you think the world media would have been.

It is for this very reason that the gaffe be pointed out and that Dion should be taken to task for it.

Kevin said...

I can't believe this is news. Painting Dion as simple this late in the game only makes the CPC look silly.

I wonder how the Conservative reaction will play in Quebec.


Anonymous said...

Mowich: so, care to explain the subjunctive tense in French?

Harper had difficulty for years in his second language, even asking for questions to be repeated at a debate. Wasn't news, isn't news.

Anonymous said...

CTV and Harper are telling Dion to "speak white". Duceppe is right in calling Harper on it, because, if the francophone media in this country went after politicians who speak French badly, there wouldn't be many Anglos standing after they'd finish. Harper is going to loose Quebec votes on this one.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Maybe Dion should start campaigning that, despite his inability to communicate in English, he remains hopeful that he will deal with noted bilingualist President Obama come January.