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Sunday, October 19, 2008

the james bond villains have failed.

"However, he said there's no need to fear the world will be destroyed."


Anonymous said...

"Canada is also home to ideologically and religiously driven groups trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction, and fundraising to send money to overseas groups, Stephenson said."

Holy fucking fear-mongering. What better way to rouse up hated and fear in an already exclusionary province?

"Periods of calm can lead to a lull in threat awareness, she said. It's difficult to convince taxpayers to channel funds towards emergency and intelligence capabilities rather than social programs, she said."

Apart from poor writing skills, what this paragraph elucidates is one of the many means by which ideologically conservative parties dismantle social progams: convince people their security is more important than their quality of life by stoking the flames of hatred with fear. Hegemony at its finest.

Anonymous said...


Such big words...we are all really impressed. I wonder how impressed that we will be with your short-sighted comments if we become the target of a terrorist attack? Will social programs be cut, you're damn right. Hmmmm, let me think...go to the Fringe? or suffer economic collapse? What to do...what to do?

Anonymous said...

Scared into Anonymity,

I think you just conflated cultural spending and social programs. They are two distinct entities and areas of jurisdiction.

As for my supposedly "short-sighted comments," at least I understand a basic this distinction. I'm not as worried about terrorist attacks as I am about Harper's budget re-appropriations and the repercussions of Conservative fear-mongering.