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Friday, November 21, 2008

the ghost who haunts us.

Some may naively accept the giant flash of light over Western Canada from last night as being a “meteor entering orbit,” but it should be apparent to anyone of intelligence that it was in fact something much more sinister, and our Premier warned us of the coming apparition just days ago.

The flash was not in fact an act of nature, but the angry ghost of Pierre Trudeau’s NEP returning to terrorize Albertans and thrust us into another world-wide recession (which was also the cause yesterday’s dip below $50 per barrel of the price of oil).


Ryan said...

You know what's the spookiest part?

I hear a small, delicate dark red rose landed in a farmer's field near Coronation. The worst part--there was a lapel pin attached!

Anonymous said...

I thought I saw that bright flash of light giving me the one finger salute!

roblaw said...


It was jor-el and lara-el, returning to earth to visit their son, Edward Stelmach.. you know him I think, quiet guy, black-rimmed glasses.. sort of unassuming..

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how easily Taft and you Liberals fell into this trap. Stelmach baited the hook and he bit, hard.