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Monday, December 15, 2008

coalition of progressive bloggers lose confidence in "2008 best progressive blog."

TORONTO/EDMONTON/GUELPH — Bloggers Dave Cournoyer, Danielle Takacs, and Dan Arnold announced today that an agreement has been reached among the three bloggers to support a coalition of Best Progressive Blogs in the 2008 Canadian Blog Awards.

"Since the recent election of We Move to Canada (WMTC) as 2008 Best Progressive Blog, it has become clear that the WMTC has no plan, no competence and, no will to effectively address the crisis faced by Canadian Progressive bloggers," the three bloggers wrote in an open blog post to all Canadians."

As 77% of voters in this category voted against the 1st place winner in the last election, we have resolved to form a new Best Progressive Blog winner who will effectively, prudently, promptly and competently address these critical times," said Ms. Takacs.

"Passing over Alberta blogs in favour of WMTC is sure to fire up the embers of western alienation. And WMTC didn't even acknowledge my existence in her post bragging about her win. We're tired of being treated like second class citizens! This is the biggest middle finger to Alberta since the NEP!" said Mr. Arnold.

Mr. Cournoyer informed Canadian Blog Awards administrator Saskboy of the agreement and requested that he exercise his webmaster authority to call on Daveberta, as the past 2007 Best Progressive Blog to form a new collaborative Best Progressive Blog coalition supported by nominees CalgaryGrit and Takacs.

Should Saskboy comply, then the defending champion in the progressive blogs category, Daveberta, will be named "Best Progressive Blog of 2008." However Takacs will have the privilege of posting the victory button on her blog for three months out of the year. This coalition will function thanks to Calgary Grit who, while not recognizing the legitimacy of these awards, agreed to support it.

"Although we all have very different opinions on the issue of colour schemes, and Danielle called me "an obscure frat boy with a sticky-up haircut" during the past campaign, we have managed to find common ground on the issues of Google analytics, RSS feeds, and Stephen Harper's blue sweaters," said Cournoyer.

Takacs has agreed to support the collaborative victory until next year's awards and Calgary Grit has agreed to support it until June 30, 2009.

A spokesperson expressed outrage on behalf of We Move to Canada, "This is nothing less that an undemocratic coup that will destroy the fabric of the blogosphere! Daveberta wants to take power after being resoundingly rejected in the last election in his worst showing ever. Canadians didn't vote for this! Worst of all Dave and Danielle have cut a deal with Calgary Grit, a well known Western separatist who doesn't even want these awards to function!"

Takacs expressed the hope that this matter could be resolved peacefully and without delay, "We're calling on We Move to Canada to accept this defeat gracefully. It's time to realize that you are going to be defeated at the next available opportunity, it's too late to make amends. The sooner you relinquish power the sooner we can get back to blogging for all progressive Canadians."

These events have set off a firestorm across the blogosphere, with large scale rallies being scheduled on in the week ahead. However, barring any unforeseen events it would seem a virtual certainty that the coalition will come to power next week in an arrangement that would be the first of its kind in our country's history.


olaf said...

I feel like you stole my idea, but as I have no evidence to that effect: well done, Dave. Very entertaining - if terribly undemocratic.

Anonymous said...

5/10. Nice try, but a few weeks late and a bit too inside joke-y.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you'd partner up with f*cking separatists!

We didn't vote for you for a reason. Who do you think you are, taking control of these awards after your worst showing yet!?!

Anonymous said...

I voted for you. And I'm not even a Liberal.

L-girl said...

Cute, but if you read this post, you'll see I already offered to form a coalition government with proportional representation. So this is clearly a power grab, aimed at toppling wmtc at all costs. A coup! I'm asking Saskboy to prorogue.

West End Bob said...

But will the Governor General have to get involved?

Could get messy.

Thanks for the chuckle, daveberta, and the link, L-girl . . . .

Aden said...


Bill Given said...

"I'm mad as hell at this little communist revolution!! You lefties are trying to steal the election and you can't be allowed to get away with it!!! THIS IS CANADA GOSH-DARN IT, WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!!"

--- ?

"Well, no... now that you ask; I didn't actually vote in the election but I am still very, very upset all the same."