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Monday, December 22, 2008

joe anglin's in.

After months of legal wrangling between himself and George Read, past Lacombe-Ponoka candidate Joe Anglin is now the leader of Alberta's Green Party.

Hard-working Anglin gained a reputation as a fighter after his high-profile battle with the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board launched him into politics in the March 2008 election. Anglin was the most successful Green candidate in that election, earning over 22% support from voters in the central Alberta constituency of Lacombe-Ponoka.

(h/t @taudette)


Theresa said...

Wow, that's sort of shocking, yet not. I don't like how that went down.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps after the next election election the Alberta Greens will swallow the Alberta Liberal Party?

I'd put 5 bucks on it. On the PST plan alone.

Robert Routledge said...

tjk, any chance that might happen before the next election? Maybe with a conservative MP or two as well?

Anonymous said...

Not sure I follow you Robert. Though I'm sure if any Conservative MPs decided to march back into provincial politics it wouldn't be into a party toting folks like David Parker.

I would think the Alberta Libs would have to take a final crushing electoral defeat before they packed it in and moved on rather than just having it happen out of the blue.

Robert Routledge said...

Sorry, meant to say MLA...must be the holidays :).

It will be interesting to see if the advocate types stay with the Green's with Joe as the leader? It seems pretty clear that he thinks the membership is interested in creating a centrist party capable of winning seats.