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Monday, February 23, 2009

alberta's oil sands make national geographic.

- The March 2009 edition of National Geographic has a feature on Alberta's Oil Sands.

- Jason Morris has shared his thoughts on why he has joined some of the political conversations that have been happening in Alberta. Jason has been involved in some of the same conversations I've previously written about.

- Don Braid argues that the Lorne Gibson firing proves democracy cannot be trusted to politicians.

- Trevor Scott Howell has written a piece on how the new executive of the Alberta Greens have been courting a name change to the Alberta Progress Party.

- For all you fans of the Rodeo motion, please give a warm welcome to Linda Duncan's National Hockey Day and Carl "Northern Roughstem" Benito's 'official Mushroom of Alberta' motions.

- From the Wall Street Journal:

President Barack Obama's climate czar Carol Browner said that the Environmental Protection Agency 'will soon determine that carbon-dioxide emissions represent a danger to the public and propose new rules to regulate emissions of the greenhouse gas from a range of industries.'


susansmith said...

good Alberta roundup.

Anonymous said...

I find it humorous how suddenly Daveberta knows what the oilsands are. I thought he was stuck in 1973 in referring to them as tarsands.

Good to see you join the present Dave, well done.

Anonymous said...

What will happen with Gibson's list of 200 recommendations of how to clean up Alberta's elections?

Anonymous said...

I think that the national geographic will unveil much more hypocrisy about Canada...