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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

bush 43 dines in calgary.

Former United States President George W. Bush had lunch in Calgary today, and 200-300 protesters showed up outside the 1,500 person luncheon hosted by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. At least three protesters have been reported as being arrested. According to the Toronto Star, the $400 per ticket luncheon will score Bush at least $100,000 in fees.

Gena Rotstein was at this afternoon's protest and posted a recap on her blog, and Aaron Braaten has shared his theory on the actual reason for Bush's visit to Calgary.

You can follow Bush's Calgary visit on Twitter at #gwbyyc and check out a photo gallery of the protests at CBC Calgary.


Anonymous said...

Embarrassing that all 200 leftist nuts in Calgary would stoop to heckling a retired US president. I hope Bush didn't get the wrong idea about the mainstream conservative values of Albertans after this little whacko liberal demonstration.

Denny said...

Leftist nuts?
There are a number of people of all political stripes who believe Bush is a war criminal and do not want to see him in Canada. Even mainstream American conservatives no longer support Bush.
It's telling that his first public appearance since leaving office was in Calgary. Nobody else wants him.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid the first poster was right Denny. Look at the photos on that CBC link. Who do you see? John Chan, Tyler Kinch and all the other Calgary NDP crew.

So the poster's assessment that this was the "leftist nuts", while derogatory, was not wrong. This was hardly a mass of political centrists.

Denny said...

So you can personally vouch that all 200 of them were "leftist nuts"?
True, you recognize John Chan and Tyler Kinch, but that does not mean only leftists showed up.
I personally know of people who voted, and even hold memberships in the Conservative party who went, because frankly, they believe that Bush is a war criminal.

Chandler Kent said...

I was actually in the crowd and lined up outside for 75 minutes, and there were maybe 100 protesters there, tops. I don't know if they were leftist, but there were definitely some nuts. Either that, or 9/11 really WAS an inside job and the war in Iraq IS a harbinger of the end times.

lyrical said...

Only three protestors were arrested? That's not bad. Perhaps it's best that Mr. Bush went back down south, though, because I think they would rather prosecute him down there.