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Saturday, March 07, 2009

ideafest 2009: bright ideas on a snowy day.

IDEAfest 2009 started this morning, and presentations will be happening until 5pm in the Tory Building (Room B95) on the University of Alberta campus.

I've made a last minute change to the topic of my presentation. At 1:30pm, I will be presenting "The Fall of the Media Empires and Rise of Citizen Journalism." It should be an interesting day, and there are a lot of cool presentations coming up, including "Countdown to Copenhagen: International Climate Negotiations and the Quest" (10:30am) "15 Ways to make Edmonton a Better City" (11:00am), "Twitter and social media..." (11:00am) and "Underground Media and the Importance of do-it-yourself local media" (12:00pm).

Follow IDEAfest on twitter: #uaif.

1 comment:

Joel Kelly said...

hope you can blog your presentation! i can't make it, but i am definitely interested in both citizen journalism and building an online following through having a sticky-up haircut.