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Thursday, March 05, 2009

political conversations thriving on twitter and blogs.

This week's FFWD Weekly has two interesting articles covering online social media in Alberta.

Alberta political conversation thrives on Twitter by Jeremy Klaszus covers some of the interesting political debates happening on Twitter. In a recent trend that has taken the Wild Rose province by storm, Twitter users from across Alberta have been "live-tweeting" commentary of the Alberta Legislature's daily Question Period. You can follow the live commentary by searching for the hash-tag #ABLeg using Twitter Search.

Alberta MLAs on Twitter include Doug Griffiths, Jonathan Denis, Doug Elniski, Kyle Fawcett, Dave Hancock, Kent Hehr, and Dave Taylor.

The Rise of Political Blogs by Trevor Scott Howell gives some good insight into the state of political blogs in Alberta, and includes interviews with bloggers Ken Chapman, David Climenhaga, Enlightened Savage, a member of the AGRDT crew, and yours truly.


Anonymous said...

Two awesome stories. Thanks for the links Dave!

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

The blogging world is facinating, no doubt.. and lots of good thoughts and ideas from all over the spectrum.. even you Liberals have some good ideas every now and

I'm not sold on the twitter thing, though.. the limit on characters really leaves you with a bunch of mini-thoughts.. without any substance. Is that the kind of "communication" we want?

I'd rather have my MLA blog once every week than send a bunch of innane one liners.

Anonymous said...

Great Story! Nice to see you guys getting some MSM recognition!

Anonymous said...

Hey RobLaw: Dave left the Liberal Party.

Anonymous said...


"I'd rather have my MLA blog once every week than send a bunch of innane one liners."

You might have that backwards. Maybe the inane one-liners which constitute Twitter messages are more suited to our politicians.... ;)

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

err.. sorry, "Progressive" bloggers.. (new buzzword for "liberal" in

..and while politicians would like to have to give us no substance beyond "one liners", no point in encouraging it :)

Canadaka said...

Check out this page for a list of Alberta MLAs with twitter