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Saturday, March 14, 2009

this man wanted to be prime minister.

Former Edmonton Oilers owner Peter Pockington has re-entered the news after his recent arrest in California on charges of bankruptcy fraud, and his $1 million bailout by former Oilers and current New York Rangers General Manager Glen Sather.

Nearly 26 years ago, Pocklington was one of eight candidates to contest the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. Placing sixth on the first round of voting with the support of 102 delegates (3.41% of total delegates), Pockington threw his support to Brian Mulroney. Rumours from the convention floor said that Mulroney had promised to make Pocklington chairman of a proposed Royal Commission on Taxation in exchange for his support.

Mulroney defeated former Prime Minister Joe Clark on the fourth ballot, but thankfully didn't put Pocklington in charge of Canada's tax system...


Anonymous said...

What is scary is that he managed to accumulate 3% of the vote. Who were they? This story reminded me of Gene Zwozdesky trying to pick the right horse in any PC leadership race. Both of them are/were opportunists with little or no depth.

Anonymous said...

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Robert McBean. said...

Now ched is reporting that the Oilers legal team is involved in the bail out.

Don't forget to call wendy.

kenchapman said...

I got seriously engaged in politics in the Joe Clark leadership in the early 70's and started my disillusionment in Mulroney's 2nd term.

Thx for this post and the linking of Peter Puck to Lying Brian back in the day.

Mark Donovan said...

Ol' Pete must know where Sathers' bodies are buried...

Anonymous said...

"Oilers aid former coach in helping their former owner

Were learning more about the Edmonton Oilers involvement in Peter Pocklington's bond hearing.

Glen Sather contacted the Oilers asking for help in arranging counsel as he looked to get his former boss out of a U-S jail on bond. And the team, out of respect for Sather who is their former coach and General Manager, obliged.

But that's as far as the link goes according to 630 CHED's Dan Tencer, the host of Inside Sports.

It was reported Friday that the lawyer who arranged the million dollar bond for Pocklington did so representing both Glen Sather and the Oilers. But we now know the team has no actual financial stake in the case.

Pocklington says he is innocent of two counts of bankruptcy fraud with a trial date set for May 5th.

In the meantime he's under house arrest in his Palm Desert home with an electronic tracking bracelet wrapped around him. (TD)"

Anonymous said...

I was there in Ottawa. I heard Puck speak. It was a terrible speech, as I recall, as befits a far-right wingnut. He was all sweaty and Z-rays were streaming out of his eyes. The convention took place in an arena across a large asphalt field from a building marked "Sheep & Swine." This sort of said it all about the Conservatives at that point. (The biggest sign adjacent to the Winnipeg convention where they knocked off Joe said "The Nutty Club." Talk about truth in advertising!) Personally, I think it's a pity Pocklington can't share a cell with Tubby Black, another prominent figure from the annals of Alberta labour history.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Cal Nichols feels about the Oilers Legal Team helping bail Pocklington out of jail in California?