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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

iclei 2009 congress in edmonton.

On a similar topic as my post on Toronto Mayor David Miller's Tower Renewal presentation, you may be interested to discover that more than 740 delegates from around the world will be visiting Edmonton from June 14 to 18 for the 2009 ICLEI World Congress. ICLEI is an international association of over 1,078 local governments that have made a commitment to sustainable development. Alberta members include the Calgary, Edmonton, Didsbury, and Red Deer.

On June 16, Congress Delegates will have a chance to learn more about some of the innovative urban growth projects that the City of Edmonton is implementing, including the Local Motion/Eco-Mobility project in the community of Parkallen.


Mack D. Male said...

I'm really looking forward to ICLEI - should be a good event.

Alain Saffel said...

I wouldn't mind going to this one. Looks like it's kind of pricey though. It's alright when government is paying your way in.