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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

reading the budget.

Budget commentary coming soon. Until then, I will leave with the word cloud from Finance Minister Iris Evans' budget speech.


Anonymous said...

Fun challenge: Find the words "Education" "Skill", "Knowledge" or "Learning" in the word cloud.

Then let's talk about why so many Albertans are conservative supporters.

Steve said...

I'm a conservative supporter. Is it fun for you to make fun of me then anon 11:40?

Enjoy yourself then.

Lawrence Porter said...

I found education!

its in between people and per!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:40 - consider the words "arrogance" and "elitism." Also the phrase "out of touch with reality."

Then let's talk about why no one votes for the Liberal Party of Alberta.

That said, this budget is unimpressive. The PC's seem to have abandoned their mantra of fiscal conservatism, which is sad indeed. The Legislature is made up of parties differing only in whether they think government should be "big, bigger, or biggest."

Freedom to spend, credit to borrow.