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Friday, April 24, 2009

week in review: wildrose to northumberland clog dancing.

- Guards at Government House barred Official Opposition leader David Swann, NDP Leader Brian Mason, and Lethbridge-East MLA Bridget Pastoor from attending an announcement by Health Minister Ron Liepert this week. The Edmonton Journal's Trish Audette reports that Premier Ed Stelmach will be having a chat with Cabinet Ministers next week about that incident.

- David Climenhaga is speculating that Canadian Federation of Independent Business Director Danielle Smith could be the next leader of the Wildrose Alliance. Current leader and former MLA Paul Hinman has announced his intentions to leave the position in June.

- Aaron Braaten has written an insightful post on the recent AIMCo. investment in Precision Drilling.

- MLA Bridget Pastoor waded into the Edmonton City Centre Airport debate this week. While most of the debate to this point has depended on anecdotal evidence supporting the closing or continued operation of the airport, the City of Edmonton is expected to release a comprehensive report in June.

- Northumberland fact of the week: traditions include clog dancing.


Ryan said...

Oh man. Former director of the "Alberta Property Rights Initiative."

Clearly, if there's something Albertans need more of is private property.

Anonymous said...

Danielle Smith interviews:

Paul HinmanEd StelmachKevin Taft

Anonymous said...

Northumberland and Alberta have talent.

Curmudgeon-at-Large said...

You left out Monday's announcement by Cindy Ady that the government is going to start building ATV and snowmobile trails in provincial parks, despite two of their own surveys assigning a negative priority to off-highway vehicle facilities in the parks, and the press somehow spinning this as a setback for ATV users.

Raymaker said...

Danielle Smith = the female Rob Anders. This should be fun.

Alain Saffel said...

The Northumberland clog dancing reminds me of the dancing around the Northumberland image issue here in Alberta! haha These dancers are doing a better job though. :)