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Friday, May 29, 2009

alberta gothic.

Third Reading of Bill 44 is currently scheduled for this Monday evening (sometime after 7:30pm).

Also, I like these kids.

(photo credit to Corey Hogan)


Anonymous said...

Great! Let's denigrate them by pretending they're gay. That's what plays to Albertans, right?Smooth move Corey.

Liberals iz suuuummmm Shtooopid.

Chester J said...

It wasn't a gay joke, anonymous. It was a 19th century joke.

It's probably quite telling that's where your mind first went, though.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 10:25

Before your next Tory display of ignorance, maybe read a book, or even google your subject matter.

This is a parody of "American Gothic", a rather famous painting of a man and his spinster daughter, not between a man and a wife. Ergo, at worst it's a crossdressing joke. There's no grounds for suggesting its a gay joke.

Anonymous said...

We'll see what the media thinks of it. It's making the rounds as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Wow...can you tell me how this productively adds to anything? Is this an example of 'Critical Liberal thought'?

Anonymous said...

Just imagine if a significant PC insider produced this with Swann and Taft...or Blakeman. You'd be crying bloody murder. You people have really done some serious damage to your credibility. If it's just harmless fun, please post it on the Liberal Party website. I dare you....double dare you.

Anonymous said...

I love stuff like this, especially when it's created by a potential candidate for you guys. AND it's funny, too! I think even Ed and Ted would laugh...

Anonymous said...

I agree. They will both have grins a mile long when they hear it came from the primo, up-and-coming 'New Liberal'

Anonymous said...

His sister Nan, perhaps embarrassed about being depicted as the wife of a man twice her age, started telling people that Wood had envisioned the couple as father and daughter, not husband and wife. (Wood himself remained vague on this point.)

Who is it that's ignorant? Typical self-engraciated liberal

Anonymous said...

Dude, did you mean ingratiated? 'Cause I don't think engraciated is a word. Even if you meant "ingratiated" I'm not certain you know what it means. Oh well. I agree with what you meant to say ;-)

Anonymous said...


Len Skowronski leader of Social Credit will run in the Calgary-Glenmore by-election ensuring that someone will finish behind the NDP.

Anonymous said...

Don't count the NDP out of last place just yet! They'll probably run one of their repetitive Calgary superstars, ala "My union told me to run" Al Brown or that round nurse that looks vaguely like Marg Delahunte.

All Len has to do is give one rousing speech at a large old folks home and he'll beat the NDP's 200 odd votes.

R U READY! said...

The worst part about Len running is it took 4 days for someone to go to the Socred website to notice. The question is R U Ready?

Anonymous said...

Wow, there are some seriously funny people in this comment thread! Thanks folks.

I am especialy pleased to see that Len Skowronski and Paul Hinman will be fighting for the same small pool of rednecks. The NDs may not finish last!

Merlin Durken said...

"One should never make fun of a Conservative, that criticism is always so cruel, so undeserved," say the PC apologists who at the sound of the 'L' word jest at length, until they foam. Lighten up, y' tw*ts.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me Social Credit will finish last. Aside from a couple up ticks in support Social Credit numbers have been in serious decline. It only took 45 years to drop 39% in support.

1959 40.74%
1963 31.45%
1967 27.55%
1971 37.70%
1975 5.19%
1979 8.70%
1993 3.33%
1997 4.11%
2004 1.01%

NDP are remarkably somewhat more constant in that 3% range.

1963 2.76%
1967 6.81%
1971 5.93%
1975 3.08%
1979 3.01%
1982 8.63%
1986 14.12%
1989 10.49%
1993 3.68%
1997 3.07%
2001 3.08%
2004 4.46%
2008 3.76%

Anonymous said...

That Cory Hogan is such a jerk. His curious photoshops force me to work out whether I am angry or aroused, and that will not stand.

You see, as a Conservative, I immediately think that two men pictured next to each other must be f*#$ing, and the feelings it gives me are uncomfortable feelings that could get me excommunicated from my ultra-right wing evangelical church.

Additionally, I am also oblivious to the more obvious punchline that Ted and Ed have taken us back to the 19th century in terms of morals. Instead I will get very angry and go home and masturbate to pictures of Ron Liepert to let off steam.

Damn you Hogan!

But never fear. As retribution for his horrible crime, I will send this picture around to his constituency if he ever runs for election. That will ensure he never gets elected. When people see he has treated our leader with levity, his name will be mud. Mud I tells ya!


Get serious, rabid anonymous poster.

And paradoxically, I also suggest you get a sense of humor.

lyrical said...

Why is it that when you go over the mountains from BC to AB, you step into a Time Warp!

lyrical said...

Good's like you're living in the 80's!!(That cowboy looks a little familiar, eh?)

Anonymous said...

Red tories like Jonathan Denis and Kyle Fawcett belong in this photo.

Anonymous said...

Wow. This is a great use of Mr. Hogan's time. And to think this comes from the same camp that decries the federal party's campaign tactics.

Anonymous said...

That must be photo shopped because I don't think I have ever seen Ted Morton have anything close to a smile before. Of course the sweater and gold whatchamajigit on his neck suit him.

Anonymous said...

These kids need to maintain open dialogue with their parents instead of validating teachers wish to continue their quest to teach what to think rather than how to think.