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Friday, June 05, 2009

calgary-glenmore candidate update.

PC: Alderman Diane Colley-Urquhart was acclaimed as the PC candidate last night.

Liberal: Corey Hogan is reported to have been joined by two-time candidate Avalon Roberts in a nomination contest scheduled for June 22nd.

Wildrose Alliance: Former Cardston-Taber-Warner MLA and soon-to-be former leader Paul Hinman is busy pounding the pavement and Danielle Smith and Mark Dyrholm will soon declare their intentions to contest their party leadership. The local nomination contest is scheduled for June 23rd.

Social Credit: Obscure leader of former governing party Len Skowronski is running.

NDP, Greens?


Anonymous said...

Avalon Roberts also ran against Stephen Harper in 2004, making her a three-time, perennial losing candidate.

Brian Dell said...

Given that Hinman already stepped down as leader in order to give the party a chance to bring in a more worldly leader like Danielle Smith, some Wildrosers might think it bad form to then challenge him for the Glenmore nomination as well. You don't purge a team player.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Glenmore, and Avalon was a regular "also-ran"...I am curious as to why she wants to run against young Hogan. She is a constant loser every time...take the hint.

Anonymous said...

I had heard that the greens will not field any candidates, although I haven't been able to confirm this in any concrete way.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Avalon Roberts again? What an agent of change David Swann has turned out to be.

Anonymous said...

ANON 5:30

You can't hold it against Swann that Avalon's running. What is he supposed to do? Forbid her from doing so?

That wouldn't be very democratic. And you're acting like Avalon has already won. I suspect it's more likely she will not be the candidate than she will.

Anonymous said...

Avalon Roberts worked really hard in 2004 and 2008. The ALP would be lucky to have her as their candidate once again.

Anonymous said...

And be lucky to break 25% once again.

Anonymous said...

She works hard? She works hard so she must be the right pick?

The mentally handicapped man at my Co-op works harder than anybody I know. And while I think he's a great guy, I'm not marking an X next to him on any ballot.

This is why liberals lose. They'd rather give awards for participation and commiserate about the ignorance of the voters than organize and appeal to the public.

From what I hear, Cory Hogan is a moderate pro-business liberal who knows how to organize campaigns. And subsequently, I will bet any amount of money that Avalon Roberts wins this nomination contest - it's the liberal way.

Chandler Kent said...

Again, Brian, let's be honest. Danielle won't run in Glenmore, because a loss (entirely probable) would completely screw her chances of becoming leader. We all know the by-election will be held before the WRAP leadership. Interesting, though, that you started spinning her absence before anyone asked the question.

Anonymous said...

So CTV news is reporting that Eric Carpendale, buddy with two-time failed NDP Candidate Al Brown, is going to be representing the NDP.

Looks like the IBEW still control the party.

My question though... I'm a New Democrat myself, and our party has always prided ourselves on democracy within our party... I've heard nothing about a nomination meeting? Did the clowns up in Edmonton just choose him?