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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

hogan's in. dadamo's out.

Corey Hogan's in.

George Dadamo's out.


Calgary, AB - Monday, local businessman George Dadamo informed Alberta Liberal Party President Tony Sonsotta, that he will not seek the Party's nomination in the Calgary Glenmore by election. Instead, Mr. Dadamo will focus his energy on a number of local priorities, including: job creation, growing our economy, making our streets safer and standing up for families and business.

"The message I am getting from our hundreds of supporters and contributors is that Calgarians are looking for someone to stand up and fight for them on local issues, and that is exactly what I intend to do," announced Mr. Dadamo.

In the coming months, George will hold a series of public policy discussions with business and community members - starting with a Job Creation Summit on June 16th, 2009.

"So in many ways this journey is just beginning and I am calling on all Calgarians to join the conversation and get involved in this movement for change, because together we can make a great city - greater," stated Dadamo.


For More Information:

Team Dadamo


eh said...

Sounds like he is gearing up for the municipal election....

Anonymous said...

Dadamo is nuttier then a Pecan Log, but has enough common sense not to embarrass or be embarrassed by the Liberals.

Anonymous said...

That's the most impressive News release ever.

On a related note, I plan on focusing on some priorities of my own. World peace, hunger, thirst and laughter. These issues have gone unchecked for too long.

Hooray for everyone!

Tiny Perfect Blog said...
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Anonymous said...

Odd indeed. Was his campaign a home-made deal, or did he hire someone? Anybody know? Definitely sounds like he want to run in the municipal election instead. Did he get the cold shoulder from the ALP? It's not as though Hogan's biography would have scared him away.

Anonymous said...

Dadamo running for Colley-Urquhart's vacant seat?

Anonymous said...

Dadamo is running against Colley-Urquhart after she loses to Corey Hogan in the byelection.

L. Richardson said...

I say Dadamo for Mayor 2010!!

Anonymous said...

This just in, the NDP are also having a contested nomination prior to the Glenmore by-election.

An as-yet-unnamed IBEW union member will be challenged for the nomination by an as-yet-unnamed teacher and/or nurse.

Whoever can convince more than just their direct family to come out to the nomination will win the right to tell Calgarians all about the joys of socialism.

Anonymous said...

Hehe haha...the only thing 'Skulk Hogan' is going to win is a one way ticket to obscurity.

Matt Gendron said...

I hear Dadamo has amassed a war chest of close to $ 100K. I would sure like to know why he decided in the end not to run.

I am also hearing that Dadamo is gearing up for a municipal run, potentially even for Mayor.

It will certainly make for an interesting 2010!

Anonymous said...


Len S. "Hey you stole my slogan" :(

Anonymous said...

So Dadamo is a local businessman? What is his business? I tried to ask on other posts about what this guy did. His cheesy bio doesn't say.

His supporters were spamming us with testimonials in his favour so you'd think one of them could fill in the blank.