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Monday, July 06, 2009

close the edmonton city centre airport.

The following is the letter I sent Councillors Ben Henderson and Jane Batty:

Dear Councillors,

I am writing to you as a citizen who wishes to see the Edmonton City Centre Airport closed. While this historical facility has served our city well in the past, we should not allow the privilege of a small minority to limit our larger future potential.

My main concern is that while the ECCA uses of such a large piece of real estate in the centre of our city, potential smart development will be hindered in the downtown core (due to building height restrictions) and in the core itself (due to the large amount of space currently used by the ECCA). As a Ward 4 resident, I am also concerned with the amount of noise pollution that is caused by the many arriving and departing planes and jets that occur each day.

The land which the ECCA now sits on has incredible potential for increased smart urban development, including the three smart growth strategies that Peter Newman spoke about when he was in Edmonton for last month’s ICLEI World Congress: Pedestrian Oriented Developments, Transit Oriented Developments, and Green Oriented Developments.

There is no reason why Edmontonians should settle for less than the best for our future.

The closure of the City Centre Airport will bring us a step closer to realizing a better Edmonton.


David Cournoyer
Citizen, Ward 4

Edmonton City Council will be voting on the issue on July 8 or 10, so please email your City Councillor at For more information, visit


Anonymous said...

Great letter. I agree one hundered and ten percent. Time to shut it down!

Suave said...

It's a shame that your movement is going to lose. ECCA has a bright future ahead and it will bring me joy, to no end, to see this attack on Edmonton go down in flames.

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that the 'connect2edmonton' website is behind this whole thing. Would you agree Dave?

The discussion on that website became so toxic that only one person dared remain to disagree with closure. That person would be Thomas Hinderks, co-ordinator of the flight museum. I commend you Tom. The reality is, outside of the cyber world, some 75% of Edmontonians want to keep the airport.

It was funny to watch their website last week as the site admin went ballistic. He was seemingly furious that so few members showed up at council hearings to voice their (pro-closure) views. Just goes to reinforce that this is led by a ragtag group of vindictive, ill informed kids.

Ban that, Richard :)

daveberta said...

I'm not sure what you mean about Connect2Edmonton 'being behind the whole thing', because I don't usually pay attention to that webboard. I'm not sure where you got the 75% support number, but it's certainly not reflective of any of the groups I've talked to.

I've heard of and been involved in a lot of discussion around the ECCA that hasn't been from people on C2E. I'm actually surprised at how many people just want it shut to end the decades long debate.

Also, who's Richard?

Anonymous said...

I'm actually suprised at how many people just want to keep it open to end the decades long debate. You see, this is all just semantics. For goodness sake, there hasn't even been a business plan developed, should it close.

Mastermaq, and I'm sure others you know, are involved in 'connect2edmonton'

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Do you actually think that an obsure webboard forum is a facade for a secret conspiracy to close the airport?

What about Cal Nichols and his millionare friends? Have their $$ ad campaign and media stunts not had any effect?

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

Well, firstly, coming from Southern Alberta, where we aren't allowed to access the municipal airport anyway, I say, close it down.

The problem, however, is that Edmonton is perhaps one of the worst airports in North America for having to travel from the airport to the city core.. so closing the Muni is probably going to result in a reduction of flights.

Personally, when I go to Edmonton, even when it's paid for, I'd prefer to drive the 5 hours as opposed to have to drive to the airport, fly, and then pay an arm and a leg and wait another 1/2 hour or more to get downtown..

Darren said...

So if the airport is closed down, what happens to the Edmonton Indy car race?

Mack D. Male said...

Anonymous: if by "involved" you mean "reads regularly and posted a few links for information" then yes, I'm "involved" with C2E.

I'm also one of its biggest critics.

CS said...

Not that it matters but I used to use the muni to fly to and from McMurray. To get to the International, add the wait time and then the acutual air time it is just as quick to drive.

That said something must be decided one way or the other. It seems like only a priveledged few are allowed or can afford to use it.

However since I do not live in the city then all it costs me is whatever the province contributes to it's operation.

I am sure your city council will be forthcoming with a solid decision as shown by their foresight in the handling of Epcor.

Anonymous said...

Dave, for an educated writer like you, I can't believe your mistake in your letter.

You cannot be a "citizen" of a City, or even of a province. You can only be a citizen of a Country. You are a resident of Edmonton Dave.

Seriously, buck up.

Anonymous said...

The Edmonton City Centre airport should remain open. It is important for a capital city to keep the most travel options available. Shame on you all!