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Friday, July 31, 2009

alberta electoral boundaries commission members to be announced.

Related to last week's post on the appointment of Ernie Walter as Chair of Alberta's Electoral Boundary Commission, the four members of the commission will be announced shortly:

Mr. Brian Evans, QC (Calgary) Nominated by the President of Executive Council

Mr. Peter Dobbie, QC (Vegreville) Nominated by the President of Executive Council

Dr. Keith Archer (Banff) Nominated by the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition*

Ms. Allyson Jeffs (Edmonton) Nominated by the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition*

* Nominations by Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition were done in consultation with the Leader of the third-party opposition.


Anonymous said...

A Daveberta exclusive? Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Not quite...the LAO sent this out as a news release about an hour ago.

daveberta said...

Not quite an exclusive. I got it before it went out on the email list to the public, but obviously after it was written. I suppose it's an exclusive if you're not one of the 500 people who work around the LAO.

Michael in Calgary said...

Archer and Evans are good choiced. Jeffs is a former EJ reporter and will be an interesting commissioner. Good luck to them all.

Anonymous said...

Are any of these people reappointments from the last time, or are they all new to this process?

Troy said...

anonymous -- these are all new appointments. Previous appointees were Glenn Clegg, Bonnie Mackay, and Ernie Patterson.

Anonymous said...

will they be able to recommend either reducing the number of MLAs or keeping the current number and just re-adjusting ridings?

I am not convinced we need more MLA's
Means for travel and communications have improved.
Will Albertans really be better served or represented by additional party lap dogs?

Anonymous said...

The province has increased in population bigtime the last 8 years - if anything I'd like to see 10 more MLA's not 4.

Gordon D.B. said...

Looking at Trish Audette's blog today, I have to wonder at Swann's rejection of former Edmonton city council member Michael Phair... I'm quite sure I often saw him at Edmonton Centre Liberal events - is it because he is too pro-Edmonton?