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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

rich vivone putting klein era politics in print with a new book.

According to, former Insight Into Government* editor Rich Vivone is gearing up to release a new book of twelve essays, titled Ralph could have been a Superstar: Tales of the Klein Era.

An exert from Vivone's website describes the book:

Rich argues that the Klein Government had everything - the political power, a popular leader, a fragmented opposition, and loads of money - to be real leaders in reforming Alberta's political, economic, social and cultural institutions. They could have diversified the provincial economy to lessen its reliance on natural resources. They could have brought serious reforms to the money-draining health system. They could have been political and economic leaders in the country. Yet their failures far exceeded their successes.

Twelve essays in Ralph could have been a Superstar: Tales of the Klein Era deal with Ralph Klein's rise to power, his government's well-planned and well-executed manipulation of the mainstream media, the fear it instilled in people who dealt with government, its contradictions on issues involving children, its repeated failures to reform health care, the plight of the Liberal party, the story of Jim Dinning's rise and failure, and an assessment of scandals and scandalous political behaviour throughout 34 years of Conservative Government. The final essay is an open letter to Premier Ed Stelmach, defining serious political challenges that face his government and the province.

I can't wait for it to hit the shelves!

*Now InsightAlberta.


kenchapman said...

Good for you sleuthing the Rich Vivone book. I spoke with Rich today. It should be published in September. I will make sure you get an invite to a signing event.

Anonymous said...

Not much sleuthing required. The forthcoming book was already public news. Unfortunately Obama has asked me down to DC to consult on his Health care strategy, so I won't be able to make the signing event, but thanks for offering to get me an invite. But I'll follow you both on Twitter to get blow by blow of all the key events.

daveberta said...

Thanks, Ken. I would very much be interested in attending!