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Sunday, August 16, 2009

gone fringing.

If you're in Edmonton this week, make sure to check out my favorite summer festival - the Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival - which is happening until August 23.

I saw my first show, 'Songs from the Ave', on Friday night at the BYOV A (the Avenue Theatre). It was well worth the trip to 118th Avenue from the Strathcona Fringe grounds, so check it out if you have the time! (and stop by the Carrot afterward for a coffee). I've also written a review of 'Songs from the Ave' that will appear in this week's SEE Magazine annual amazing complete review of every Fringe show.

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"Jem Rolls Leastest Flops" is very solid: Views on British History ("We won! We won! We won!"); the pending demise of civilization... Can someone ask him why he hate's Doris Lessing's the Good Terrorist. That's been bugging me since I saw him last year.

Also - Power of Ignorance... Can somebody find out what happens if you touch Veegaun at the end of the show?