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Thursday, September 10, 2009

from twitter on the harper tape.

Thoughts from twitter on the Harper tape.

phendrana: Query: Don't the Liberals want a majority? I've heard the tape a dozen times and see nothing there. #elxn41

ChromeSushi @phendrana This tape is the last piece of evidence I need to complete my thesis that political party leaders want to form a government.
It's Harper's outdated rhetoric about left-wing judges that bothers me.


Anonymous said...

What, the fact that there's no judicial confirmation in Canada? Or the fact that judges try to set left wing public policy?

Harper's right. Sorry if the truth hurts.

Anonymous said...

Ha. yeah. Didn't Ignatieff say he wanted to go for an election last week because he wanted to be Prime Minister?

Anonymous said...

Yes, as you say Dave, your Twitter friends are undoubtedly hearing what they want to hear, or are tone deaf, or are just spinning. It's not the fact of him wanting a majority. He should. It's more his nasty tone - casting everyone else as ideologues - and his quasi-conspiracy theories about left-wing judges. That rant only makes sense against the backdrop of some mostly unstated view of a conservative, christian ("moral") majority. The Reform Party was deeply into that U.S. christian-right style claptrap, and he's never really moved past it. He's known to blast the federal public service for being left-wing and obstructive too. Oh, and the media. Right out of the U.S. Republican book of talking points. Ignatieff lived and worked out of the country - he's not a real Canadian...maybe he was born in Kenya...Layton has a did Stalin.

It's a bit rich too, since one reason he's never received a majority is his well-deserved reputation for being a neo-con ideologue. His firewall period and the work he did for the National Citizen's Coalition demonstrate his true colours. Oh, and don't forget his penchant for school yard bully tactics - fuzzy sweaters and forced smiles for the cameras notwithstanding.