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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

round up: podcasts, post-partisanism, open data, and new polls.

- In the spirit of transparent & innovative government (and just in time for ChangeCamp Edmonton), Edmonton Councillor Don Iveson submitted an Open Data inquiry to the City Administration. This is a really positive step for our city.

- Duncan Wojtaszek and I were guests on the latest podcast from The Unknown Studio. Topic? Two former PC and Liberal activists talk Post-Partisanism and the Perils of Politics. Take a listen and let me know what you think of the podcast!

- The Unknown Studio podcast co-host Adam Rozenhart has a great new post on partisanship and what a real statesman looks like: 'Dave? I'd take a bullet for ya'.

- It's a busy week in Alberta politics and common sense conservative Chris Labossiere has offered his thoughts on the Wildrose Alliance, Premier Ed Stelmach, and the upcoming PC convention.

- Via David Climenhaga, I've discovered a link to a new polling company: Return on Insight. The company was set up by Bruce Cameron, who is known to many political watchers as a supporter of former Finance Minister Lyle Oberg. Cameron is less known as the man who got a nasty reaction out of former Calgary-Egmont PC candidate nominee Craig Chandler in 2007. Poll results released by Cameron's new company were reported in today's Edmonton Journal:

A telephone survey of 802 people conducted last week by Cameron's firm show 22 per cent of Albertans strongly disapprove of Stelmach's performance, compared with 16 per cent who did so in a January 2008 poll.
The Government of Alberta will be airing an 18-minute pre-taped and edited television address by Stelmach this evening.


Anonymous said...

Dave - Cameron is not just a Lyle Oberg guy. He's built up some solid polling chops over the years, working for municipal leaders, ad agencies and others. He's quite tight with Bronconnier, and probably more a Liberal than the Oberg reference suggests.

Anonymous said...

The poll!

57% of Albertans disapprove of the Premier's performance
34% of Albertans support the PC party

Clark said...

Did anyone else watch Tom Clark's Power Play today? Is Jim Prentice running for Premier?

Colin F. Specter said...

Prentice is the only sensible choice for Progressive Conservatives who want to halt our party from moving any farther to the right.

Ed Stelmach will putz along until Ted Morton and his supporters have enough of the mushy middleground and they will strike and sell 100000 new members. Danielle Smith will join the PC Party and be Deputy Premier and Finance minister to Premier Morton.

Progressive Conservatives will unite behind Jim Prentice. It is our only hope.