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Sunday, November 29, 2009

reboot alberta (8:25 am)

Dateline: Red Deer
After an interesting first day at Reboot Alberta (and a late night/early morning for some participants), a number of participants have put their thoughts together and published some initial reflections on the weekend thus far:

The weekend event wraps up this morning and I will have some more detailed insights into the weekend in a soon to come post.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your insights and conclusions Dave.

Read the editorial about possible Liberal-WAP scenarios in today's Edm Journal? I personally think it's extremely far fetched that those two parties could find enough common ground to coexist in any fashion.

I hope the new party idea gained some solid traction in Red Deer. It's time progressives banded together and understood the value of being government, and no longer just a disparate group of activists constantly battling against the government's funding & policy decrees.

Anonymous said...

Does progressive now just mean anti-government contrarian? Please. This movement is as lame as a one legged ostrich.

Why not focus your efforts more constructively?

This is the political equivalent of thinking you improve your appearance by leveling up in your video game instead of going to the gym.

Jiggy said...


Unknown said...

Rebooting Alberta? Did it crash?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they called this "Ask Premier Ed"
You couldn't make this up. Unbelievable!